Kelham Island Museum

The love story….. They met through best friends who worked at David’s local pub (years later they went on to take over the very same pub). David was 21 when he met Richard and has been together for eight years before getting married..

Rustic Themed Wedding and Beautifully Simple Wedding Flowers

A natural and rustic wedding breakfast table setting on long trestles, peacock chairs and benches. Created by Keith Woods Weddings & Events, Bridget created beautifully swagged velvet cloth sweeping through the middle of the table adding texture and a focal point for the flowers and stunning square wedding cake by The Snowdrop Cakery.

Cake designer, The Snowdrop Cakery, created a divine textured cake with floral moulding to the edges, an elaborate dessert table filled of doughnuts, iced shortbread, brownies and mini cakes entice mouth drooling guests to be seated eat.

The MIA Wedding Crown by Glorious by Heidi

“Egyptian Pharaohs favoured simple gold headbands. The Romans added precious stones to their designs. Persian Kings wor the first tiearas, while Napolion wore a laurel wreath of golden leaves. Maharaja’s wore elaborate gold crowns, so my question is, when they look so good, when, and why did men stop wearing crowns?

Heidi – Glorious by Heidi

Everyone looks hot in headwear, so wear the damn crown!!

David wears MIA headpiece
Created by Glorious By Heidi

David’s crown was the showstopper of the shoot. Designed and made my Glorious by Heidi. Why shouldn’t men wear head accessories for their wedding day? We absolutely love this styling.

“When Harry Styles wore a gold circlet for Gucci, fans and the media lost their minds, so I’m putting it out here! The time is now…. whatever your preferred pronouns, everyone looks hot in headwear, so wear the damn crown!!!”

Wedding Invitations by Sheaf

Wedding invites and menu cards are watermarked in emerald and gold leaf while beautiful stone name places create keepsakes for guests.

What advice can you give wedding couples?

“RUN….. No only joking!! I would say just to remember the day is about the both of you and try to enjoy the run up to it and not stress too much. Planning is key to ensure a smooth running of the day. Delegate tasks to anyone helping you with the wedding. Create a WhatsApp group to keep information central with people helping. Make a free website to put on your invitations so guests can check for any changes to times, directions or menu choices”, says David.

The love story…..

They met through best friends who worked at David’s local pub (years later they went on to take

over the very same pub). David was 21 when he met Richard and have been together for eight years

before getting married.  They love spending time outdoors, holidaying and gardening.

Their favourite place visited was Prague and hope to visit the Maldives and New Orleans!

They also have 2 dogs, a cat and parrot!

Wedding Flower Inspiration

Wedding Flowers for David include a floral shoulder corsage of regimented petals, leaves and berries. Fantail Designer Florist wanted to create something simple and elegant for Richard – a compact hand tied bouquet of Veronica framed with Fern and a buttonhole of Thistle, Hypericum Berries and Veronica compliment this against his check navy blue Master Debonaire suit.

Photographed by the talented Charlotte from Captured Life Photography. We knew she would be perfect and was a master of creating a story. A staged ceremony backdrop of swagging drapes really softened the fabulous blank canvas the venue has to offer.

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