A New Season, A New Adventure, The Same Fantail Florist!

Written by Izi Dewhurst

A few weeks ago was British Flowers Week, and if you were keeping an eye on our Facebook page, then you might have picked up on some hints about our new plans that we dropped in this video!

We’ve loved some good old DIY projects during lockdown, and we hope any crafty brides and grooms to be have too! That being said, we also hinted at some new ventures we’ll be embarking on, so if you’re not feeling all that DIY, join one of our florally classes which will be advertised through our website and social media sites.

Having now closed our shop last week, we are now working from our ‘garage-studio’. Something that we did for five years prior to opening the flower shop in Oughtibridge.

It’s not all bad, as you’ll still be able to order bouquets and arrangements for all your floral needs, and they’ll be getting even more creative! If you haven’t already, why not have a watch of our video above, and see if you can catch just how that’s possible…

We’ll give you some space before we confirm it…

Okay, here we go…

We’ve started our very own cut garden!

As you can see, we have kind of already announced this new floral adventure, but we’re more than happy to remind everyone! And of course, we’re ready with updates for you after the fun we had during British Flowers Week.

We’re now a member of the Flowers from the Farm network!

While we will still be ordering flowers from our suppliers in Holland, for example, this is the next step in promoting locally grown, seasonal British flowers! We adore the generations of care and knowledge that goes into growing our European flowers – not to mention how reliably high quality they are! However, growing our own flowers mean that we’ll also be able to offer you more variety that you won’t find in other shops, freshness and fragrance, and fewer travel miles.

In fact, 90% of the flowers sold in UK supermarkets, florists, and wholesalers, are flown in from places like Holland, and even further afield, like Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia – and while they’re certainly beautiful, recently so many of us have had a good hard look at our environmental impact, and seen that we can do better. Our cut garden is even within walking distance from our new studio, so we’ll get our exercise up as well as our emissions down!

This wreath is a beautiful example of a combination of our newly grown flowers and our Dutch imports, and they make a blooming wonderful pairing!

The Flowers from the Farm network is encouraging more florists and growers to produce locally sourced flowers for the British market, and promotes connections and friendships through sharing a love of all things flora, a closer chain of suppliers, and more variety for our customers!

Starting this Autumn, we’ll be expanding! We have some amazing flower babies ready to be planted, both in our garden, and into a full tulip field!

We said we’d be getting more creative, and we meant it! Just some of the new varieties of flowers we’ll be able to offer include Black Hero Tulip, Double Narcissus, Green Wave Tulip, Pink Sunrise, Muscari, Anemone, Peony Tulips, Snow Crystals, Tulip La Belle, Café Au Laite Dahlia (as well as other varieties), Poppies, Echinops, Agapanthus, Sweet Pea, Ammi, Cosmos, and the list could go on and on…

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the colour schemes you can expect later this year and into next, but make sure you keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram for all of our updates along the way!

You can order through our website, give the shop a ring at 0114 2864353, or email us at sam@fantaildesignerflorist.co.uk to get in touch with the Green Thumbed Genius herself!

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