Summer Days, Summer Nights, Summer Lovin’!

Wildflower meadows in bloom, warm breezes, and romance in the air. Days so long that you can fill them to the brim with laughter, love, and music, and overflow into the night…

With the days drawing longer, and the nights warmer, outdoor and semi-outdoor weddings are an increasingly popular choice.

As always, pampas grass is one of our first choices for floral decorations – particularly for a wild or rustic vibe – as it functions as an excellent neutral tone. It will work alongside a huge variety of other colours you might have in your palette, and will also complement other decorative elements, indoor and out, like exposed wood or metal, stone, or twine.

We also love to create intricate textures in our designs, so elements like pampas grass, or winding vines (like the ivy above) will give you interest and detail in even the simplest decorative pieces. We can provide stunning floral installations for tipi weddings, barn weddings, humanist ceremonies, and more!

Arriving fashionably late? How about just fashionably?

We adore working with Rich from Vintage Volks Weddings, and we’re sure you will too! Below, we’ve decked out the vintage beetle and camper, so you can have a gorgeous retro photoshoot. These are particularly popular for summer weddings; you can arrive in style, reserve yourself a comfy seat for those much needed dance breaks, and you’ll have a brilliant talking point!

If you look closely, you can also see that rather than the tradition handful of flowers, one of our lovely brides has a wreath bouquet! A unique choice for a rural style (and you can hook it over your wrist when you need your hands free).

A natural meadow style is one of our most popular themes for summer weddings, so it’s only right that we bring the meadows indoors as well! You don’t need to limit summer flora to table tops either – we can truly make your venue feel like you’ve stepped into a secret garden!

In some instances, less is more, but this is not one of them! Most summer flora is at its peak, giving you even bigger blooms to work with – glorious climbers, sprawling staircases, and magnificent centrepieces are some of our very favourites. This kind of theme pairs just enough refinement with meadow-like freedom and is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor summer weddings.

Just peachy!

From gentle nude tones, to brighter pinks, this colour scheme puts peonies and roses at centre stage, which you can pair with almost any other colour for a bright and beautiful summer bouquet. There’s also the biggest choice of flowers in full bloom during summer, so the possibilities really are endless!

Below left, we have our peachy peonies and coral roses acting as a wonderful base for some wild structure! In the centre, we’ve paired them with pops of vibrant colour from delphinium and craspedia (affectionately known as ‘yellow-bobs’ by Izi, until she had to look up their real name for the sake of accuracy). On the right, we’ve put baby roses with pastel hydrangeas and soft greenery for a most charming table decoration.

By sticking within a gradient of hues, as above, you’re given a whole lot of license to build some really dynamic structure, without going overboard. This is a spectacular example of a wild, natural, free flowing bouquet, that would be perfect for a rustic, unstructured theme, or as a truly stand-out piece for a more refined theme. Just don’t take an eye out if you throw it!

Speaking of structure, another strong contender for most popular summer theme is a wild and free approach. With these designs, it’s as much about the lovely greenery as it is the flowers themselves, since it really helps to create a look of almost reckless abandon, as though you’ve swept through woodland and meadows on your way to the aisle. And if you’re ever going to have that freedom, summer is the perfect season for it!

We don’t like to confine this style, so they’re often the best choice if you’d like a bigger bouquet, or other floral accessory that will stand out, like a ring (below, left), or buttonhole (below, right).

It’s the delightful daisy’s time to shine here! They’re a quintessential wild flower, and they can find their place well enough with a bride’s accessories, posies for younger bridesmaids, or even a softer option for a young groomsman’s buttonhole.

A wild and free style is also the prime opportunity to show off some more unusual elements, such as astrantia (or masterworts), and even rosemary! Rosemary amongst your foliage will give you both a strong texture and a delightful aroma – or if you prefer, mint and dill are also lovely bouquet garnishes!

In summer, don’t be afraid to be bold! We adore this vibrant bouquet, with intense red roses and gerbera daisies. This is a wonderful choice for anyone who doesn’t want to hold back on vibrant colours.

Not to mention these bursts of sultry crimson amongst silky hydrangea petals and new buds! Strong thistles and nigellas give you an array of textures, too.

You don’t need to restrict your floral accessories to bouquets and buttonholes, either. These lily and pink pampas grass accessories were the perfect alternative to traditional jewellery for this bride!

Blushing Bride

Pinks are ever popular, and they’ll work year round! In summer, they’re the perfect opportunity to show off our David Austin roses. From bright pastels to deeper, dusky tones, these specially grown roses are truly luscious. Below, you’ll see we’ve used them alongside elements like peonies, astrantia, gypsophila, and one of our textural favourites, eucalyptus leaf.

While a Yorkshire summer is beautiful, it can be unreliable. On the off chance that the blue sky doesn’t make it to your big day, you can bring it yourself with this colour scheme! Our favourite choices for hues of blue are hydrangeas, dahlias, delphiniums, and nigellas – they all have very different textures as well, so you can get really creative all within one palette!

Above, we’ve also combined some of our old-reliable eucalyptus leaves and thistles in the blue tones, which always give your bouquet some extra character. You can also find some more delicate beauties in these bouquets though, with some lilac and deep purple sweet pea flowers. Sweet peas are simply magical summer flowers, and they’ll give you a perfumed posy like no other!

Do you have a summer wedding in your calendar? Get in touch now to see what Sam can create for you – whether its your day, or you’re an honoured guest, all of our floral accessories and gifts can be customised! Have a look at our website or find us on Facebook and Instagram @fantaildesignerflorist.

Image credits go to Stevie Jay Photography Captured Life Photography Key Reflections Shoot Photography Eternal Images S6 Photography Andy Hook

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