A Toy Story

As you may have seen on our Instagram, we recently did the flowers for a celebrity! He’s known in households across the world as a pretty fashionable guy, so we know he’s got good taste – I mean, just look at that bow-tie! Our groom, Ken, asked us to create floral accessories for his beach themed wedding.

Now, you know how celebrities can be, they’re often very particular about their requests. Ken was no different, and was very specific that we create designs that would with in the palm of your hand. It was fiddly, but everyone seemed thrilled with the results on the big day.

Ken’s buttonhole features forget-me-nots, dried achillea (or yarrow), and hebe foliage. We bound the exposed stems with a beautiful beachy-blue thread. We used these same elements to create Barbie’s bouquet, as well as rosemary for some extra structure and a delicious scent! In keeping with the boho, natural theme, we tied the exposed stems with twine into a lovely bow – which doubles as wrist straps!

We were also visited by Lullaby the Hedgehog, who was very curious about our flower crowns, after seeing our video on how to make them from your own garden. Lilian, one of our in-house models, showcases the crown we made from our garden, while Lullaby’s creation is her very own! If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you check out our how-to guide that we’ve linked above, and have a go.

It’s not just unusually soft-prickled hedgehogs that are getting dressed up at the moment, though. One of our longtime customers, Mr Pelican, came to us when he needed special accessory for a date!

He planned to go out dancing, so we knew he needed to look a dapper man – and what better way to do that than to sport a floral bow-tie!

This tailor made accessory uses rosemary, echoing the silhouette of his feathers, thyme, for some ruffled texture, chamomile varieties, and primrose. Mr Pelican was concerned about his large bill, and that he might accidentally swallow some of his accessories while dancing. Not to worry! All of the elements we used are edible flowers and herbs, so all the health and safety bases were covered.

Our final special customer was Rae Rhino, who wanted an accessory that was regal, but not a crown. As ever, we were more than happy to create something unique for her, and styled this extremely on-trend horn cone! Colourful and herbaceous, we featured muscari, saxifraga, and succulent. Needless to say, Rae was extremely pleased with her weekend makeover!

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