Grab your twine, head to the garden, trim the verge and join us on a FLOWER CROWN adventure

In case you missed our little ‘how to’ video we’ve broken down the steps, so you can go back and create your very own crown.

You will need: Scissors, Twine / String, Foliage, Flowers

STEP 1 – Take the string and measure your head adding an extras couple of inches. Cut this and tie it to a new length of string (but don’t cut this bit). One piece is for stability that’s going to hold the flowers and the other, the longer piece is for winding tightly round the flowers.

STEP 2 – Start with a couple of stems of foliage, place it just over the knot on the head twine length. Take the other piece of string and wind it round the base of the stem a couple of times tightly.

STEP 3 – Next, lay and hold some flowers 1/2 cm down about from the piece of foliage and wrap the stem tightly around it again.

STEP 4 – Alternate each flowers then foliage continuously wrapping the twine round until you get to the end.

STEP 5 – When you get to the end tie a knot securely and ta-da! Your very own crown

Please note that this is by no means how we do professional flower crowns for our wedding work. Everything is individually wired, bound and all mechanics are hidden. This is purely for the amateur starters who want to get in involved in garden day or just to have mess around and be creative.

I’d love to know your comments!

Sam x

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