It’s Official: Spring has Sprung!

Birds singing amongst new leaves, still something of a chill in the fresh air, and a bright warming sun…

Sounds like beautiful wedding weather!

One of the most anticipated things about spring is the array of new flowers shooting into life – so why not take advantage of that? A spring wedding gives you an exceptionally vibrant colour palette, and a full range of florals to work with!

Here, we’ve got bright golden-yellow sunflowers and daffodils, which will exude joy and sunshine all around (even if the actual sunshine doesn’t make it). A simple pairing with crisp white – be it daisies, table linens, or your wedding dress – is one of our most popular spring colour schemes.

Speaking of daffies – this rich, colourful bouquet features white daffodils as a perfectly delightful accent that will go with anything…

Even cabbage family herbs! This beautiful buttonhole makes use of Pennycress, or Thlaspi, as an equally lovely natural texture.

Other stars of the spring show are hyacinths, tulips, irises, and lily of the valley. Almost any combination of these flowers will suite a spring posy – not to mention provide you with living perfume!

We adore the yellow and blue colour palette as well. With spring being something of a fickle season, you can’t go wrong with combining the warmth of summer and the cool breath of winter. It also pairs rather excellently with a blue suit, as you can see below.

Say hello to Sugarbushes!

One of Sam’s all-time favourites, the Sugarbush, or Protea, is a South African flowering plant. There’s a huge variety of them in season for spring weddings, so they can be used with just about any style or colour scheme you might have in mind. In local tradition, the protea flower represents change and hope – what more romantic symbol could you need for the start of a new life together?

Pretty in pink: with special guests including protea, thistles, and eucalyptus leaves

Pretty in pink is true, and whether you opt for a brighter pastel shade, or a duskier hue, it’s a colour that will always feel as youthful and charming as spring does.

Tulips come in an array of colours, which we’ve combined with pink in the buttonholes below, making them as sweet as floral candy (although, they’re not actually edible, so you might want to keep a pear drop on hand)!

Roses are also an undisputed classic, even if they’re not a springtime-only flower. In the buttonhole and bouquet above, we’ve paired roses with hyacinths to create not only a striking palette, but a dynamic structural contrast. This is a beautiful way to include texture into your accessories if you’re partial to a little less foliage.

It’s not all about the bouquet, though! In the spirit of springtime, many couples are choosing a natural structured look for their wedding, which of course wouldn’t be complete without living centrepieces. You can have just about everything you could want in a decoration by using all natural materials, and we love to use elements like moss and twisting branches alongside our florals.

Image Courtesy of Lara Croft Photography

Spring also brings out bulbs in full force, which are brilliant choices for a more robust planted centrepiece (no worrying about uprooting them with a misplaced wine glass). Your bulbs will also be easily transplanted afterwards to make a keepsake of your special day, many of which will come back to flower year after year!

If you’re planning a spring wedding, contact Sam at to see what kind of fabulous floral arrangements she can create for you!

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