Visions of old romantic tales at Whirlowbrook Hall

The Limb Brook reaches through the land. Flowing, winding, feeling its way. Every so often, fingers crawl out towards the kingdoms on either side; Northumberland on one bank, Mercia on the other. But the brook presses onwards. A boundary. A nearby town has been named a boundary mound, a measure of the brook’s travels. The town of Whirlow…

Rebecca & Andrew’s Wedding at Whirlowbrook Hall – Image courtesy of Eternal Images

If the vision of an old, romantic tale doesn’t make you think of Whirlowbrook Hall as a magical wedding venue, then we’re not sure what will. Perhaps our gorgeous photos of the weddings we’ve worked there recently?

Of course, the brook no longer divides ancient kingdoms, and the hall itself was only built in 1906, but you get the idea. We don’t just love Whirlowbrook Hall for the stories you could conjure up after a visit though, as florists we adore the gardens as well!

Lydia & Jack’s Wedding at Whirlowbrook Hall, with wedding flowers by Fantail
and photography by RJH Wedding Photograpy

Percy Fawcett built the hall in 1906, moving from Middlewood Hall to be closer to his brother, who had inherited the neighbouring Whirlow Court. However, it was the second owners who made the gardens truly magnificent. In 1920, Sir Walter and Lady Madge Benton-Jones took up residence in the manor house, both exceptionally green-fingered. The enthusiastic gardeners that they were though, Walter and Madge needed the help of six grounds staff to take loving care of the 39 acres of land.

Sadly, Madge died in 1938, but her gardens were kept in beautiful condition, and opened to the public in 1951 as Whirlowbrook Park. Now of course, both the amazing gardens and house are open to the public, and an incredible choice of venue for any couple who want a touch of epic-tale like magic in their wedding.

If you haven’t seen the truly stunning photos on our social media (stunning in part because of Sam’s floral visions, but also for the hall itself of course) then you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Blog written by Izi Dewhurst

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